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Seeking Critiques for Zelda Fanfic [22 Jun 2011|12:24am]

Title: Principatus
Fandom: Legend of Zelda (Ocarina of Time/ Majora's Mask World)
Pairing: Zelda/Link
Rating: PG
Wordcount: The first three chapters are complete which should give a decent basis for preliminary reviewing. So far 16.436 words
Link: Principatus, Chapter I

Overview: Four years after returning from Termina, Link stands on the precipice of another adventure. After he inherits a mysterious medallion, the Hero of Time sets off to discover more about not only its origin, but his own past. Haunting nightmares of a shadowy figure betrothed to Princess Zelda, however, threaten to derail his mission as Link teeters on a ledge between his personal calling and sense of duty to the land of Hyrule and its people.

I've posted the story on Live Journal here, but if you find it easier to review on fanfiction.net, you can find it here. Critiques and reviews are the only way I can grow as a writer and improve my story. Any advise you can give will be taken seriously.

Also If you want me to review a story of yours as a sort of "exchange" I would be delighted to.

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Hello [11 Sep 2010|10:58am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Title: Road To Recovery
Author: vippie_1 (in Fanfiction.net the pen name is "I'm your pitiful life")
Fandom: OZ
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,835
Summary: Keller survives his flight down the railings. How his life is going to change after that?
Disclaimer: Don't own.
Warnings: the story revolves around canon slash, but in this chapter there is no real romance.

To this community: it's only the first chapter, but I need some help before uploading a new one. It would be a plus, if you knew the fandom, but I would like some criticism on my writing style and story development, so it's not necessary. I'm also willing to trade reviews and can review some stories, if you would like.

The link to the story in Fanfiction.net:


Please, submit your review there. I accept any kind of criticism.

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Homecoming (sn_exchange fic) [06 Sep 2010|10:02pm]

Title: Homecoming
Author: eerised_da
Betas: belledragon and newmwriter
Fest: sn_exchange
For: uchihakagura1
Fandom/Pairing: Naruto/SasuNaruSasu; implied KakaGai, KakaYama, KakaIru; implied one-sided GaaLee
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 28,413
Summary: Naruto has finally brought Sasuke home, but there is a rift between them and to fix it Naruto must leave Konoha to find himself.
Disclaimer: Naruto and all other characters herein belong to Kishimoto.
A/N: This was for sn_exchange’s summer exchange. I worked my ass off trying to get past the writer’s block that reared it’s fugly head fifty-four pages in! My GaaLee fangirl did her best to sabotage this fic, as well. I am not truly as happy with it as I want to be, but I am glad it is done. My first SasuNaru fic. Ugh. I sincerely hope that my recipient enjoyed reading this. I also want to extend a heartfelt thank to both my betas and the mods of the exchange!

To this community: I got writer's block fifty-four pages in to this story, and afterward found it incredibly difficult to write, though I obviously managed to finish it. I still am not sure how I feel about this fic, especially after Lee leaves Suna. Some constructive criticism would be appreciated.
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As the Wind Blows Through the Leaves (GaaLee) [23 Jul 2010|02:36pm]

Title: As the Wind Blows Through the Leaves
Author: eerised_da
Betas: belledragon and newmwriter
Fandom/Pairing: Naruto/GaaLee
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 37,241
Disclaimer: Naruto, and the characters depicted herein, are the property of Kishimoto-sama. I do not own them and I make no profit off of them.
Summary: The Kazekage of Suna receives unexpected guests on a mission that takes them through his village. While visiting, Lee manages to incite Gaara’s curiosity, who in turn manages to unknowingly win the heart of the Blue Beast of Konoha. But Lee’s not prepared to deal with these new found feelings and Gaara, who is just as socially inept as ever, is even more confused by them.
A/N: I just discovered this comm, so I thought I would share. This fic is the product of my attempt to write a SasuNaru fic, and my GaaLee fangirl taking over. I had to stop that fic and move on to this one so I could exercise her before she Desert Coffined the hell out of the NaruSasu-ness of the other. This is my first GaaLee fic and my first completed fic in the Naruto verse. I’m incredibly excited about it, and I hope that everyone enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I love writing Lee, almost as much as I love cosplaying him, and Gaara makes me squee. I’d like to thank belledragon for beta’ing, and newmwriter, my good friend, for offering to as well since she had nothing else to do at the time.

As the Wind Blows Through the Leaves

To this community: I kid you not I spent a week and a half editing, on top of having two people beta for me, and despite the lovely reviews I have received, I am still not sure how satisfied with this fic I am. I would love to get some really thorough reviews on it. If you do not like Naruto or don't ship GaaLee, then this won't be your cuppa, but if you do like any of the above, then that is wonderful and I would greatly appreciate any and all comments/critique/advice on this fic!
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Greetings. [27 Feb 2010|09:18am]

Hello, con_crit. My name is nitramy  and I'm a fanfic author and beta reader. This is my ff.net user page.

I've read a couple of fics that could use some assistance in the grammatical category, and I've always been diplomatic when giving criticism and handing out advice when needed.

What really sucks is when people just flame your work: even worse when they don't even give you the slightest clue about just what they disliked about it.

Sure, flames help the struggling fanfic writer through, but handing out advice and help goes an even longer way. (and people who bash fics seem to not want to respond to beta requests or volunteer to beta a fic they find lacking in writing. I wonder why that is?)

Anyway, sorry for coming across as ranting, but that's the road that led me here. If any of you need help when it comes to storyline, grammar and other things, I can assist you; and maybe some of you can assist me.

Because you can get farther with a gun and a kind word than you can with just a gun.
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[08 Feb 2010|09:32am]


Title: The Day Night Fell
Fandom: 07-Ghost
Pairing(s): Ayanami and Yukikaze, Hyuuga and Ayanami
Chapters: 2/?
Warning: Character (canonical) death, use of medication, self-hurt, angst, dark-fic. Pre-post Raggs War. SPOILERS FOR EVENTS OF THE BEIGLEITER ONE-SHOT AND MANGA.

Synopsis: The day he died, night fell on a darkness deeper than the abyss itself.

I'd really like some feedback, especially from people who don't know the fandom? Kind of want to know how my characterization is too. Feel free to comment on the blog itself.

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Hi I'm K, and I'm into boyband fan fics [13 Aug 2009|10:57pm]

Hello everyone ^^ Recently joined. I love the idea of this community :)

What sort of stories you're willing to review: 
NSYNC  and Sailor Moon

For now, I hope to expand to NANA and Gossip Girl in the not-so-far future.

How many stories you're willing to review:

Depending on the length of the story brought to my attention, I'd say 3-4 within a month.

Your time constraints:

I believe in quality over quantity, and I like to read and re-read, so a safe bet would be one a week for me.

Personal tastes:

I can do femslash/yuri/shoujo-ai and het. I may be a little uncomfortable with slash/yaoi/shonen-ai. I'll have to read a sample before I consent to reading them.

Fandom experience:

I've been a fan of Sailor Moon since I was 8. Only seriously got into the fandom in my second year of high school, and then again in my second year of college. I started reading fan fiction seriously in 2006 and started writing that same year. I consider myself quite knowledgeable on the fandom having done a paper on it for my Jap Culture class.

I've been into NSYNC since the peak of their popularity in my tween years. I've read a lot of fiction during this era. I've only recently returned to the fandom and getting myself acquianted with the new writers. It's also now that I've tried my hand on penning my own stories.


If I agree to review a story, the writer must tell me whether or not she/he allows me to post the review on my critique journal.
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Hello [24 Jun 2009|10:33am]

[ mood | curious ]

Title: Accepting Oneself
Author: Appetens Scriba
Characters/Pairings: Concrete pairings much later.
Rating: M
Warnings: Violence, language, sexuality
When: CoS, 1931-1942, 1992-?
Summary: For Harry Potter, the summer had started off normal enough. He was rescued by a flying car, able to live amongst wizards and witches, and traveled using a fireplace. However, normalcy tends not to last for Harry. He wakes up after something very strange happens, only to find himself lost in a place far removed from his own. He will have to fight many dangerous enemies, within himself and without. What happens will be pivotal, but only if he survives...
Disclaimer: Please.
Author’s Notes: Uh...

I'd love some feedback. I'm not sure if this is really, er... well... any good. Hehe.


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I can't find anyone who knows the Hairspray fandom well enough to con-crit me... anyone here? [25 Jun 2007|12:43am]

Fandom: Hairspray
Rating: PG, I suppose
Pairing: Penny/Amber
Author: friendhamster
Summary: Amber through the years.
Warnings: Brief references to molestation.

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Reviewer [06 Apr 2007|05:37pm]

Sort of Stories: Harry Potter, Full Metal Alchemist, Prince of Tennis

I do read/watch other random fandoms though and if you have one you'd like me to review asking me would be your best bet. I also dabble in lot, so if extensive knowledge isn't really needed I could probably do a lot more.
How Many: Really depends on the length, I guess I'll say 3 right now, but I'd like to do it continuously.
Time Constraints: First come, first review. xD It depends on the length, but I'll try to do them as soon as possible, I'm a pretty fast reader so it shouldn't take THAT long. =] Again, I'd just like to do it continuously so if you want it by a certain time you can just tell me and I'll tell you if I can do it by then.
Personal Tastes: I prefer yaoi and gen to yuri or het. I've never read yuri, and little het. If I'm concriting I'd like an R rating or below. I don't really have any other set squicks, if I choose not to concrit I will be able to tell you a reason. =]
Fandom Experience: I haven't read the manga for Prince of Tennis, I have seen all 178 episodes, movie, OVAs, etc. Anything that's been subbed, I've watched. I haven't seen the musicals though. For Full Metal Alchemist, I've read all scanlated chapters of the manga, but only up to episode 28 or so of the anime. If I need to know a certain episode of the anime to review your story tell me and I'd be happy to watch it. I've seen the movie. For Harry Potter I've read all the released books and movies.
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COMMUNITEH [16 Jan 2007|09:31pm]

(if this is not allowed, let me know and I'll take it down.)

Sick of the pansy reviews flying around the interweb, I've created a concrit community that will tear you to shred. If you love to give and recieve honest, snarky, scribbly reviews, please go and join brutal_critters. EVERY PIECE SUBMITTED WILL BE CRITTED.
THAT IS ALL. We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

Crossposted like mad.
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I am willing to review Xanth and Transformers fanfic. I would prefer to review one piece at a time and I may take up to a week per story. I am familiar with the complete canons so I should have something to say about any storyline/pairing you toss my way.

If anyone is having a hard time finding someone to review any sort of obscure fic/slash, I would be happy to read it. I might not know the storyline but I can help with grammar and mechanics and such.

I also help maintain the tamagotchislash community which could be of some interest to some of you. We don't take ourselves seriously  so please feel free to post even if you have never even seen a Tamagotchi before.

Happy Holidays!


Swatch Dog
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Reviewer/Prospect for Reviews [24 Nov 2006|03:33pm]

Hey all... new to the community. First, let me fill out my reviewer form:

what sort of stories you're willing to review : Harvest Moon, obscure, I know. Also, I'm cool with Harry Potter and/or Beatles fanfiction.

how many stories you're willing to review : However many I get, I guess. I frequent the HM section, and since it's kind of obscure a fandom, I don't expect to do much reviewing there. :P

your time constraints : I'm a bit of a busy person, what with school and music stuff, and my own writing. But I think I'll take a week, tops.

anything about your personal tastes may be relevant: I'm not too keen on lemons. I mean, I'll read them here and there, but I wouldn't really be able to offer my advice on them. Other than that... I read all sorts of fics.

anything about your fandom experience that's relevant: I'm really keen on HM canon, and pretty alright with HP canon. I probably know more about HM though, since I write for it and not HP.

Anyway, here's my story for anyone who'd like to check it out- Harvest Moon based (Back to Nature to be specific). The premise is typical of the fics in the fandom (boy works on farm), but there's a few things different here. Also, it takes place starting with the main character's second year in town (it's a continuation of another story), but I'm told it recaps the first story well. Iiiii don't think you really have to know the canon inside and out to get this, because I try to work it so non-HM fans could read it too, but I guess we'll see.

So yeah, any concrit's fine with me. I'm sure there's wonky bits abound in my story. =) You can respond here or at ff.net- it's all good. I don't mind doing a "I'll read yours if you read mine" thing, either.

The link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2569167/1/
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[11 Nov 2006|04:46am]

[ mood | determined ]

Hello! I've been writing a fanfiction for the game Final Fantasy XI. So far I've only introduced three major characters, all original characters at that. I know the chapters are short (I get too redundant if I try to draw out some events), and I don't have a beta-reader (though spell-check has become a dear, dear friend of mine).

Anyway, any opinions you all have on the story, the writing, or anything at all is muchly appreciated.

Title: Relentless Reminiscence
Fandom: Final Fantasy XI
Genre: Action/Adventure/Fantasy
Rating: PG13 (for mild swearing)
Chapters: 10
Words: 7364
Link: Linkage
Summary (as seen on FFN): Meet the rising adventurers of Vana'diel as they face the daily challenges of defending their homelands. Fighting goblins, learning new skills, and... dancing for gil? Maybe an adventurer's life isn't as great as it's made out to be.

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[26 Sep 2006|10:20am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Good day to you good reviewers!

I'm a brand new writer here and I'm hoping to find a reviewer who's familiar with/comfortable with Transformers: Generation 1, both comics and cartoon.

If any of you have the time or inclination, I'd appreciate any con crit you can provide for the following fic:


Thank you.

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[14 Sep 2006|08:56pm]

Hello, I'd like some thoughts on my 2 fanfics about Tatu. Thanks.

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[30 Aug 2006|08:05pm]


Hello everyone.

I would like constructive critisizm for a story I'm working on. The story itself is a Beyblade fic and is moving along quite nicely, but I still think it could be better. I want to make it as enjoyable for the readers as possible. Any advice?  


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[24 Aug 2006|05:16pm]

Hi concritters!

I'd really like you to read and review my recently finished fiction. It's in the Harry Potter fandom; a post-OotP story, rated R for dark themes and a considerable amount of loopiness. There are some slashy undertones, but nothing graphic.


Also, if you're feeling generous, the rest of my portfolio is linked off of that page. Most of my other pieces are considerably pornier, though.

Thanks very much, y'all.
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Help! [02 Jun 2006|02:46pm]

I don't mean to bother you guys, but I need help with a transition. I'm stuck between a memory and a dream, and I'm not sure if I should just do the dream right after, if I should have a transition, or what. Please check it out.

And here's the link, ye merry hippogriffs.
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Avatar/Teen Titans crossover [31 May 2006|09:46am]

Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender and Teen Titans
Title: Learning How to Fly ( http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2961312/1/ )
Genre: General/action
Characters: Avatar (Sokka, Katara, Aang) Teen Titans (Terra...maybe eventually Beast Boy)
Principal problems: I'm not really sure where to go with this. It's my first time writing in either fandom and my first time ever attempting a crossover. Right now only the first chapter is up, I want to work on a second one...but feel that I'm lacking direction. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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