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Reviewer/Prospect for Reviews

Hey all... new to the community. First, let me fill out my reviewer form:

what sort of stories you're willing to review : Harvest Moon, obscure, I know. Also, I'm cool with Harry Potter and/or Beatles fanfiction.

how many stories you're willing to review : However many I get, I guess. I frequent the HM section, and since it's kind of obscure a fandom, I don't expect to do much reviewing there. :P

your time constraints : I'm a bit of a busy person, what with school and music stuff, and my own writing. But I think I'll take a week, tops.

anything about your personal tastes may be relevant: I'm not too keen on lemons. I mean, I'll read them here and there, but I wouldn't really be able to offer my advice on them. Other than that... I read all sorts of fics.

anything about your fandom experience that's relevant: I'm really keen on HM canon, and pretty alright with HP canon. I probably know more about HM though, since I write for it and not HP.

Anyway, here's my story for anyone who'd like to check it out- Harvest Moon based (Back to Nature to be specific). The premise is typical of the fics in the fandom (boy works on farm), but there's a few things different here. Also, it takes place starting with the main character's second year in town (it's a continuation of another story), but I'm told it recaps the first story well. Iiiii don't think you really have to know the canon inside and out to get this, because I try to work it so non-HM fans could read it too, but I guess we'll see.

So yeah, any concrit's fine with me. I'm sure there's wonky bits abound in my story. =) You can respond here or at it's all good. I don't mind doing a "I'll read yours if you read mine" thing, either.

The link:
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