Jan Martin Batoy (nitramy) wrote in con_crit,
Jan Martin Batoy


Hello, con_crit. My name is nitramy  and I'm a fanfic author and beta reader. This is my ff.net user page.

I've read a couple of fics that could use some assistance in the grammatical category, and I've always been diplomatic when giving criticism and handing out advice when needed.

What really sucks is when people just flame your work: even worse when they don't even give you the slightest clue about just what they disliked about it.

Sure, flames help the struggling fanfic writer through, but handing out advice and help goes an even longer way. (and people who bash fics seem to not want to respond to beta requests or volunteer to beta a fic they find lacking in writing. I wonder why that is?)

Anyway, sorry for coming across as ranting, but that's the road that led me here. If any of you need help when it comes to storyline, grammar and other things, I can assist you; and maybe some of you can assist me.

Because you can get farther with a gun and a kind word than you can with just a gun.
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