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Sort of Stories: Harry Potter, Full Metal Alchemist, Prince of Tennis

I do read/watch other random fandoms though and if you have one you'd like me to review asking me would be your best bet. I also dabble in lot, so if extensive knowledge isn't really needed I could probably do a lot more.
How Many: Really depends on the length, I guess I'll say 3 right now, but I'd like to do it continuously.
Time Constraints: First come, first review. xD It depends on the length, but I'll try to do them as soon as possible, I'm a pretty fast reader so it shouldn't take THAT long. =] Again, I'd just like to do it continuously so if you want it by a certain time you can just tell me and I'll tell you if I can do it by then.
Personal Tastes: I prefer yaoi and gen to yuri or het. I've never read yuri, and little het. If I'm concriting I'd like an R rating or below. I don't really have any other set squicks, if I choose not to concrit I will be able to tell you a reason. =]
Fandom Experience: I haven't read the manga for Prince of Tennis, I have seen all 178 episodes, movie, OVAs, etc. Anything that's been subbed, I've watched. I haven't seen the musicals though. For Full Metal Alchemist, I've read all scanlated chapters of the manga, but only up to episode 28 or so of the anime. If I need to know a certain episode of the anime to review your story tell me and I'd be happy to watch it. I've seen the movie. For Harry Potter I've read all the released books and movies.
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